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2.5 Gallon Re-Fillable Jug for going from a bulk Diesel Exhaust Fluid container with a nozzle to vehicles.

  • Translucent so you can see the fill level.
  • Slanted design for tight locations.
  • Sturdy, hard shell construction to last a very long time.
  • Fill hole for a nozzle w/threaded and gasketed cap. 
  • Stainless Steel in-spout filter.
  • Large handle
  • Vented


Complies with ISO 22241-3 Standards


Fill hole diameter 7/8.


Coming soon!






NEW!! 2.5 gal. Refillable Diesel Exhaust Fluid Jug - STS-0757

SKU: STS-0757
  • If you ever wanted to buy Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) in bulk but didn't know how to get it to your vehicles? Silver Transfer Refillable DEF Jugs are the perfect solution for going from a bulk container to vehicle while keeping the loop closed.

    Be done with removing spouts and finding a place to put it while you refill the jug. Getting the product on your hands and contaminating the spout in the process. Then fumbling to replace a spout that was not made for constant removal...and now it leaks!

    This jug is extremely sturdy to last a long time with constant use. It seals at all point so you can take it with you on the road. Our stainless steel tethered spout hangs when removed to keep it off the ground and free from contamination. The spout also contains a stainless steel mesh filter. Large rear vent for quick pouring.

    Our quick off spout stay attached because our patented fill hole offers a refilling solution without removing the spout, and it's leak resistant for carrying and with a spout, fill & vent cap, your sure to keeps the container contamination free.

    Finally a way to stop using unapproved jugs to fill your vehicles with DEF.

    Arrives ready for filling.


    Patent Pending

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