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Piusi’s original model DEF Piston Hand Pump for transferring Diesel Exhaust Fluid directly from a drum. This manual pump is an economical solution to transfer DEF. Great for a refillable DEF container or straight to vehicle use when access is available.

This pump comes with a Silver Transfer Nozzle, so the DEF stops flowing when you stop pumping and release the nozzle trigger.


This pump does not come with the drum in the image!


  • F0033213 & STS-NSG
  • Immediate ship item

  • Pump, 9ft Discharge hose, connection hardware, Nozzle, Cap and 3/4" Hose Attachment included


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Piusi - Manual Pump W/Nozzle for DEF - 9Ft Hose

SKU: 616833934940
  • Pump Features:

    • 1 gallon per 10 strokes of the handle.
    • Great solution where power supplies are not readily available. 
    • Ready /Easy to use
    • Suitable for any operating condition
    • Extention Suction pipe
    • Drum connector 2" Bung Adapter + 2" NPT
    • 9 ft. of delivery hose
    • Composed of materials compatible with DEF

    Nozzle Features:


    • Hose Barb: 3/4"
    • Up to 16 GPM Flow Rate
    • Spout outer diameter: Ø 3/4"Manual nozzle
    • Stainless Steel Tip
    • Hook for hanging
    • Trigger catch to keep filling on its own
    • Nozzle cap for outdoor or heavy particles areas
    • Manual Nozzle with 3/4' Hose Tail no swivel

    The DEF systems used on North American heavy duty diesel trucks are adapted from systems that were already in use in Europe. Piusi is the leader in providing DEF fluid management systems throughout the European continent.


    Piusi has been in business since 1953, with their USA branch operating since 2009. No worries! Buy Piusi, the best in the business!

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