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DEF Rotary Hand Pump for transferring Diesel Exhaust Fluid from a drum. This manual pump is an economical solution to transfer DEF. Great for a refillable DEF container or straight to your vehicle... when access is available.


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  • DEF rotary hand pump
  • Dispensing hose 9ft
  • Drum Connector
  • F00332A3A

  • Immediate Ship Item


Ships with 2" Buttress Course Thread, needs an adapter for 2" NPT thread connection. Piusi part #F19473000. (Please be aware of your thread type and size before purchase, e.g.  USA or UK)





Piusi DEF Rotary Drum Hand Pump

SKU: 738756457792
  • Features:

    • Stainless Steel Spout
    • Eliminates the siphon effect with check valve and spring-loaded vanes
    • Flexible Suction Pipe
    • Prevents DEF Crystallization
    • Maintenance free for 250,000 gallons
    • Self-Priming

    This item comes standard with a 2.5 coarse Buttress thread. An adapter is needed to connect to drums with a standard 2' NPT fine thread: F19473000

    Piusi has been in business since 1953, with their USA branch operating since 2009. No worries! Buy Piusi, the best in the business!

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